By: Kelly Long | March 06, 2017

Why is direct mailing so popular?

If you’ve been paying attention as of late, you will probably have noticed that over the last 10 to 15 years or so, the amount of “junk” mail sent through the post has reduced exponentially. The reason for this is that more and more businesses are instead targeting potential customers via their email addresses. If used correctly, however, mailing can not only help to boost sales figures, but perhaps, more importantly, it can help you get a better understanding of your target audience. The thing to remember is that it takes more than high sales figures to class a direct mail scheme as being a success. Here’s a better look at how to enhance your direct mail marketing campaign.

What makes a direct mail campaign successful?
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By: Kelly Long | February 18, 2017

For business marketing, email marketing has proven hugely valuable for literally decades now, and it's still an incredibly powerful business tool to this very day. However, as valuable as email marketing is, there is still a place for direct mail in this day and age, and if used correctly, direct mail can be just as effective, if not more so, than email marketing.

Direct mail for customer data – to offer your customers the best services and products that money can buy, you need to know a little more about your customers and potential customers in the first place. The key to success is ensuring you get the relevant content in front of the right people. For example, if you offer meat-based products, getting your content in front of vegetaria...

By: Kelly Long | February 12, 2017

Why Social Media Can Trump Traditional Alternative

Over the years, the continuous and almost constant march of social media marketing has been plain for all to see. It’s made significant changes in the way that we consume media and to who we are willing to trust on the web – it’s also changed how we view standard, more traditional forms of media in general.

Many people are still willing to invest their all in old-school advertising forms as “they work” and “aren’t a fad” – but is that just what social media is? Let’s look at the comparison between new and old media.

The financial difference is quite staggering, frankly. Try and get yourself a 30-second ad slot on a TV and you could be talking your entire advertising budget for the year, depending on where you wish to broadcast. Social media...

By: Kelly Long | January 31, 2017

What happens when you stop marketing?

I’m sitting here thinking about writing a blog post. However, I’m racked with guilt over having committed the number 1 sin in content marketing...and that crime was STOPPING! You see I also have a successful Interior Design business which I run with my business partner, and somewhere along the way, I got a little distracted with this new venture of ours. Plus I become so consumed in marketing everyone else's business, I forgot about my own. I'm lucky enough to have a loyal client base, but that can give you a false sense of security.

When it comes to the power of marketing for your business, it’s very easy – too easy (as mentioned above) – to rest on your laurels and just stop, get distracted or maybe even just give up. When it comes to con...

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By: Kelly Long | April 25, 2016

Facebook Live

If you follow any popular celebrities on Facebook, you probably started to notice them posting live updates on their pages a few months ago. This was considered something of a test run for the social media giant, as the new feature was only made available to public figures. It was deemed to be a success, and it’s now possible for any member to get their message out there via Facebook Live. This may well prove to be a bit of a bonus for marketers looking to promote their products, but it’s a marketing method that should be used wisely.

Live broadcasting via social media isn’t really particularly new, as apps like Periscope and Snapchat have had that function available for quite some time. What Facebook Live has that those other apps don’t is ...