By: Kelly Long | January 05, 2015


As far as marketing tools are concerned, there are a lot of things that you can utilize to help you make moves online. However, you will find that amidst the best solutions right now, blogging ranks really high. There are several reasons why you should be utilizing blogs for marketing, and it’s not what you may already think. If you’re not using this platform today, you’re going to miss out on something that could very well give you an advantage in nearly every single niche online today.

Indexing Preference

Search engines index blogs faster than the average website. In fact, Google has a “blog search” platform that they index on a regular basis. Blogs are not relegated to just “personal” diaries any longer, and they have become staples of SEO and marketing as a whole. If you want to ensure that your links are indexed faster, your pages are recognized on the fly, and you get more attention from search traffic, you will want to establish your brand within the confines of this simple solution.

A Personal Approach

One of the major things that blogs do, unlike other marketing types, is that it hits a personal note. This type of informal writing platform allows businesses to pull back the proverbial curtain. Instead of setting themselves far apart from the audience they are trying to reach, this opens up the doors of communication in a way that is tangible. Look at the biggest companies in the world right now, and you’ll find that they have blogs dedicated to updating the general public on their business in an informal manner. It gives authority in a subtle way, and touches the audience to respond in a manner that is not “advertising” heavy.

Content Marketing Made Simple 

Content is king, as the old adage continues to ring true online, and you with a blog in place, you’ll find that things become easier to manage. Blogging software (WordPress for instance) can allow anyone to have a voice online, and one that is well within the parameters of marketing glory. In fact, small businesses that utilize blogs, end up with higher ranges of traffic, SEO, and engagement versus those that do not have any updated platforms on their sites. Your content creates a window of opportunity to communicate information faster and easier than other platforms you may run into. 

At the end of the day, you’ll want to consider setting up a blog to engage the audience that you want. Whether you have a large fan base, or you want to build credibility within a certain industry, this is one tried and true option, you won’t want to pass up.

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