By: Kelly Long | October 20, 2014


It's not easy staying positive when something doesn't work out the way it was meant to.

Failure can be a cue for the pessimistic voice inside your head to awaken and rear its ugly head. 'I told you this wasn't going to work out.' 'You're just not good enough.'

Even if failure doesn't send you into a mini spiral of self-doubt, it can still be disheartening. Especially if you're self-employed, or run a small business. The stakes are higher than they would be otherwise. This is your livelihood!

So what's the best way to bounce back after a set back? Get straight back on the horse, take some time out?

No, actually. The best way to ensure a healthy mindset in the midst of a trial is to train yourself to think that way. The brain is naturally drawn to dwell on negatives, which can be a problem, as running a small business requires a maximum amount of confidence. So that needs to be changed...

And here's how to do it

To train your brain to remain positive, even when things aren't going so well, take on board these 3 important tips below:

#1: Be grateful - Failure can cause people to focus on what's wrong, or what's missing in their lives, rather than what they have or what's going right. You may be lacking in a certain skill now, but look at the skills you do have. Look at what you've learnt and mastered in the past. Keeping an eye on where you're going is important, but don't forget how far you've come already. It'll give you the strength to keep going.

#2: Understand the process - Very few people succeed at something first time. Many don't even succeed second or third time, either. Achieving a goal usually means falling short on a fair few occasions. It's just part of the process. Each setback brings with it a lesson, which when learnt, makes succeeding next time slightly easier.

#3: Challenge the negative - Thought and emotion can often be a one way street. They talk and you listen. But you actually have the option of talking back. A thought, belief or feeling isn't a demand, it's a question. If you choose not to dwell on the negatives in a situation, your mind will naturally begin to focus on the positives instead, increasing your belief and your confidence going forward.


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