By: Kelly Long | February 02, 2015


More often than not, there is one burning question bloggers ask: How long should my blog posts be? And the answer is not straight forward. The length is just one of the many areas that you need to consider. And to be honest I don’t think it really even plays a big enough role to really matter. All that does really matter is whether or not your post is interesting, engaging and valuable to the reader.


There are many things to chew over when you are writing a post and the below are a few which all play a part in how long your post will be not should be.


CONTENT – this is your key consideration. What’s your message? What are you trying to say? If you can say it in 50 words, then go ahead, 3500 words? Fill your boots. Seth Godin is a great example, his posts are really short, and this suits his audience.


WHO YA TALKING TO? –Know your audience: understand their needs, their problems and what makes them tick. Your aim is to write content your audience wants to read.


STRATEGY – a great content marketing strategy can have many purposes. Your intention could be to increase brand awareness, push social interaction, nurture email lists, educate or enhance SEO. Different objectives will vary the length of your posts.


MEDIA – not all content is words. When using an infographic, you could use 50 to 200 words to present the topic, and that also applies for a video or an image.  


I am not saying that the length of your post isn't important, what I am saying is, it’s not the only thing to consider and it’s just one aspect out of many that play a part.


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