By: Kelly Long | March 06, 2017

Why is direct mailing so popular?

If you’ve been paying attention as of late, you will probably have noticed that over the last 10 to 15 years or so, the amount of “junk” mail sent through the post has reduced exponentially. The reason for this is that more and more businesses are instead targeting potential customers via their email addresses. If used correctly, however, mailing can not only help to boost sales figures, but perhaps, more importantly, it can help you get a better understanding of your target audience. The thing to remember is that it takes more than high sales figures to class a direct mail scheme as being a success. Here’s a better look at how to enhance your direct mail marketing campaign.

What makes a direct mail campaign successful?
– As mentioned previously, though it will be very promising, a direct mail marketing campaign’s success, should not be measured solely on how many sales it has led too. You see, direct mail is not about generating one-off sales, it is about establishing long-term relationships with customers and contacts. Rather than having a customer purchase from you just once, wouldn’t it be better if they instead purchased from you once per week, or even once per month instead? Direct mail allows you to pick up on customer information so you can understand what your customers are looking for, and then figure out what you can do to help them. If for example, you discover that 300 people have shown an interest in your cheaper, lower-end products, you know that for your next direct mail campaign, you can target those 300 people by advertising products and services that fall into their preferred price range. That is what targeted marketing is all about.

Understanding your customers – The more you know about your clients, the easier it will be for you to offer then specific services, products, and potential discounts in the process. Think about your close friends, for example, you probably know what they are interested in, and you know how much they are willing to spend on these interests. The same principle applies to you. If you know your customers, you will know which products/services they prefer and respond to favourably, plus you will know how much they are willing to spend. If a customer of yours has been a regular for years, and spends around £20 per month, offering them products/services that would cost them, say £100 per month, would likely result in failure, and may even force them to look elsewhere. If however, you offer them similar priced products/services, or even cheaper ones, they are more likely to respond favourably. Direct mail allows you to understand customers as you can gather information about them via surveys or questionnaires, plus you can offer phone surveys and perhaps enter them into a competition if they are willing to fill out these surveys. Put simply, the more you know about your customers, the easier it will be to offer services/products that they are likely to want.