By: Kelly Long | April 11, 2016

If you're struggling with Google Analytics, your struggle is now over! The guys over at Smart Insights have put together 10 Steps to Actionable Analytics 

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By: Kelly Long | February 09, 2015

Having a mobile friendly website has become a necessity for any business looking to perform well online. Our mobile usage has rapidly changed over the past 10 years from simply calling and texting to constant browsing, chatting, researching and purchasing…at every given opportunity for many!

It should therefore come as no surprise that Google has started a campaign to encourage website owners to ensure their websites’ are fully ‘responsive’ i.e. adaptable to view across all mobile devices, with a strong hint that soon rankings will be effected if these warnings are ignored.

Find out more about what Google has done already, what this means for businesses without responsive websites and the impact this will have on SEO (SearchEngine Optimis...

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