By: Kelly Long | February 20, 2015


Search engine optimisation is something that you absolutely need to run through if you want to make moves online. If you’re going to impact the industry you’re in, you have to make sure that you take this on at a professional level. Amidst the various branches that you will need to work with, you have to consider whether or not social signals help with SEO as a whole. You may be surprised with what happens when you work within this framework, even if it’s marginal.


From Low End To High End

First and foremost, the short answer to the initial question is simple, yes. The biggest impact analysts are seeing is illustrated by Google Plus . It is believed that Google is giving preferential treatment to shares, likes, and connections t...

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By: Kelly Long | February 09, 2015

Having a mobile friendly website has become a necessity for any business looking to perform well online. Our mobile usage has rapidly changed over the past 10 years from simply calling and texting to constant browsing, chatting, researching and purchasing…at every given opportunity for many!

It should therefore come as no surprise that Google has started a campaign to encourage website owners to ensure their websites’ are fully ‘responsive’ i.e. adaptable to view across all mobile devices, with a strong hint that soon rankings will be effected if these warnings are ignored.

Find out more about what Google has done already, what this means for businesses without responsive websites and the impact this will have on SEO (SearchEngine Optimis...

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By: Kelly Long | February 02, 2015


More often than not, there is one burning question bloggers ask: How long should my blog posts be? And the answer is not straight forward. The length is just one of the many areas that you need to consider. And to be honest I don’t think it really even plays a big enough role to really matter. All that does really matter is whether or not your post is interesting, engaging and valuable to the reader.


There are many things to chew over when you are writing a post and the below are a few which all play a part in how long your post will be not should be.


CONTENT – this is your key consideration. What’s your message? What are you trying to say? If you can say it in 50 words, then go ahead, 3500 words? Fill your boots. Seth Godin...

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By: Kelly Long | January 26, 2015


Publishing a regular blogpost with quality content can really do wonders for your SEO and boosts your social media plan, no matter what industry you are in. If you haven’t jumped on board with blogging, there is no time like the present. 

Here are a few things to think about if you are starting your own blog:


Google loves to point to websites that they think mean business and therefore they favour websites that have taken the time and effort acquiring their own name. It is these websites that Google deem serious and trustworthy. 


Google only wants to provide relevant search results, that’s no secret. Creating useful, informative and interesting content is one of the most important t...

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By: Kelly Long | January 05, 2015


As far as marketing tools are concerned, there are a lot of things that you can utilize to help you make moves online. However, you will find that amidst the best solutions right now, blogging ranks really high. There are several reasons why you should be utilizing blogs for marketing, and it’s not what you may already think. If you’re not using this platform today, you’re going to miss out on something that could very well give you an advantage in nearly every single niche online today.

Indexing Preference

Search engines index blogs faster than the average website. In fact, Google has a “blog search” platform that they index on a regular basis. Blogs are not relegated to just “personal” diaries any longer, and they have become staples of...

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