By: Kelly Long | December 14, 2015

Your employees are most likely on LinkedIn. They may have accounts, but they may not be interacting very much. If you encourage your team(s) to work within LinkedIn, you are helping your business gain more visitors and, in turn, increasing your brand presence. Helping your employees push your content is key to establishing authority in any niche, and industry. As such, consider these few elements. 

Explain The Larger Goal 
Don’t just tell people to do something. Instead, focus on the larger picture. Encouragement through action is one thing, but you should also have a clear vision for the purpose of sharing content through LinkedIn. This is something that is often dismissed, but it’s important. When you show that there’s a purpose to having...

By: Kelly Long | November 24, 2015

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make as a marketer is not to use social media to promote events that are coming up. Too often, people miss the boat with this, and it’s very easy to do so. Take a look at four essential ways to promote your event, utilising social media as your main catalyst. 


Give Something Away for Promotional Consideration
Some people refer to this as “double-side referral”. What you are going to do here is simple, take a note from internet marketers and give away something of value to your readers. Your readers will receive a promotional item if they promote your event. Simple as that. Give away items to only those that share your event information, hashtag and more. 

Community Options
Create a community through s...

By: Kelly Long | November 17, 2015

As soon as an event is announced, it’s important to start driving traffic to the marketing collateral that you have in place. If you don’t have any marketing collateral or ideas in regards to promoting your event, things are going to fall apart quickly. Driving engagement through social media is one thing that you need to start thinking about as soon as you ready a press release to announce your big event. If you harness the power of these networks, you could very well have a larger audience than ever before. If you don’t work at it, however, you could end up with an abysmal attendance. Consider a few tips in regards to driving engagement to your events using social media.


Answer Questions On the Fly

You’re going to need to respond t...